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Gitomator is a set of command-line tools for batch operations on hosted Git repositories.

It was built to help software educators use tools like GitHub or Travis CI in their classroom, and here are some of the tasks it can help you with:

  • Create, clone and update repos
  • Create teams and update team memberships
  • Set access permissions
  • Enable/disable CI

Think of Gitomator as a Swiss army knife for your GitHub organization.

If you are using GitHub in academia (e.g. running a software engineering course), you might want to start by preparing your organization.

Prepare Your GitHub Organization

  1. Create a GitHub organization
  2. Request a discounted/free plan for educational use.
    Note: You can start using Gitomator before getting your discount, you just won’t be able to create private repos.
  3. Important: In your organization’s settings page, go to the member privileges section and set the default repository permission to None.
    (Otherwise, every students will be able to see every repo in the organization).
  4. Suggestion: Make one of your colleagues an organization owner.
    (Extremely useful for cases where one of you cannot access their account or accidentally loses their owner privileges)