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 $ gitomator-make-repos REPOS-CONFIG

Minimal configuration

Create a bunch of empty repos.

  - repo-001
  - repo-002
  - repo-003
  - repo-004

Specify source_repo

The master branch of the specified source_repo will be pushed to each repo that is created.

source_repo: repo-with-starter-code

  - repo-001
  - repo-002
  - repo-003
  - repo-004

Re-run the script

If you add repos to your configuration file, just run gitomator-make-repos again, and it will create any missing repositories.

If you specify the -u (--update-existing) flag, Gitomator will push all changes (from from the source_repo) to repos that already exist in your GitHub organization (assuming there are no Git conflicts).

Specify repo_properties

You can specify various properties of created repositories, by adding the repo_properties field to the YAML file:

source_repo: name_of_some_repo_in_your_organization

  description: "A short description"
  homepage: "http://example.com"
  private: true
  has_issues: true
  has_wiki: false
  has_downloads: false
  default_branch: master

 - repo_01
 - repo_02
 - repo_03

Once again, you can change a property and re-run gitomator-make-repos, Gitomator will update the repos in your GitHub organization.